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Teaching people to make beautiful acoustic guitars since 1993. 

The Guitar Room

The Guitar Room, located in Kilmore is a truly unique destination for both acoustic and electric guitar musicians. 


The Guitar Room is both a workshop for the general public to learn the art of acoustic and electric guitar building plus a one-stop shop for everything to get you playing. 

From a retail store selling all of your guitar needs to weekly guitar playing lessons, The Guitar Room is truly a surprising gem located in beautiful Central Victoria. 


Acoustic and Electric Guitar Making Courses

Using magnificent Australian timbers, you’ll learn the art of guitar building with either our acoustic or electric guitar building courses.

Guitar Shop

-   Electric or acoustic, we have beginners guitars through to professional set ups. Picks, strings and more are on display and there’s always plenty available for order.

guitar lessons 2.jpg

Guitar Lessons

With weekly, half hour lessons, our music teachers cater to everyone from beginners to advanced guitar players

Guitar Repairs

Do you have a family heirloom hidden away or is your old faithful in need of some TLC? We offer expert repairs and advice for all guitars.

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