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Timber Packs For Sale

Interested in building your own guitar from home? Let us supply you with quality Australian instrument timbers for your next project.

Our entry-level acoustic timber pack includes:

  • Back and Sides (Blackwood)

  • Neck and tail block (Qld Maple)

  • Back bracings (Qld Maple)

  • Kerfed lining (Bunya Pine)

  • Centre and vertical braces (Bunya Pine)

  • Neck (Vic Ash)

  • Blackwood Veneer for Headstock

  • Rosette material (Blackwood)

  • Soundboard Bracing (Bunya Pine)

  • Bridge Plate x1 Blackwood

  • Soundboard (Bunya Pine)

  • Heel Block (Vic Ash)

  • Jarrah Bindings

  • Bridge pins, Nut, Saddle, Fret Wire, Truss Rod Purfling and Tuners.

All timbers are AAA grade intrument timbers and supplied for AUD $450 + postage and handling

We are also happy to discuss supplying various tonewoods to replace the Blackwood and Bunya pine. Price varies however subject to availability and quality.

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